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For information about American Belleek and Belleek china marks you've come to the right place. See my collections, research marks and approximate dates for American Belleek and Belleek china. I love cups and saucers, teapots, creamers and sugars, anything Tea!

I collect American Belleek, Belleek, and Alice in Wonderland, and all things vintage. Crafting is a whole other story. I do knitting, cross stitch kits, crewel kits, handmade Christmas stockings, and more.


Welcome! Find a comfy chair, have a cuppatea, and browse around. My home page tells a little bit about what you can find on CuppaTea. Scroll down for an overview. See the links at the top and in each section for more.


I have a shop called Cuppatique on Etsy for vintage, antique, and handmade items. I've posted some of my American Belleek for sale there, as well as:

      vintage cross stitch and crewel kits

      handmade Christmas stockings upcycled from fabulous purses and other finds

      vintage kitchen and home items

      and more


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Note: I will answer questions about Belleek if I can, please include photos. However, I am not an appraiser, see the LINKS page for information on how to research values.







Belleek Marks and Collection

Some of my Belleek collection. All are third Green Mark, except one teacup/saucer set with the Gold Mark.



Note: this link takes you to the official Irish Belleek web site marks page. Please come back to Cuppate and visit sometime!


Click here to see details about Belleek Marks.


(Click on a picture of the mark to see more information)


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American Belleek Marks and Collection

When studying more about Irish Belleek cups and saucers I started running across odd items that were labelled Belleek, but not made by the Irish Belleek company. That is how I found out about vintage American Belleek and started collecting items from the various makers. See my American Belleek collection, I have gathered at least one from every American Belleek maker that I could find. Pictures include American Belleek marks and approximate dates.


Coxon Belleek cup and saucer, a little beauty


Classic Willets Belleek Tankard, hand painted and signed!




Click here to see details about American Belleek Marks.


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Alice in Wonderland Collection

My love of Alice in Wonderland started with this antique Alice's Adventures in Wonderland book. As you can see, I read it to pieces when I was a child.

Some of the color plates are still intact and I still love the story, the quirky quotes, and the little girl who fell down the rabbit hole.

Friends and family have contributed to my Alice collection over the years, how fun!


I've been collecting Alice in Wonderland for over 40 years. The stories have always touched my imagination and my heart.


Alice in Wonderland Snowbabies Tea for Two


Boyds Bears Alice in Wonderland


Royal Doulton Walrus and Carpenter Toby Mug





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All Things Tea Collection

There is just something special about the grace and beauty and utility of teapots and cups and saucers and creamers and sugars. Touching the vintage and antique china brings thoughts of a gentler time. Enjoying a quiet cuppatea always makes my day brighter.

Belleek ribbon creamer and sugar, black mark

I love Blue Willow willow ware, grew up with blue willow plates decorating the kitchen

Happy little teacup and saucer, Made in Occupied Japan by Diamond

Royal Albert Flower of the Month March teacup and saucer



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Hope that you enjoyed your cuppatea, stop by again!



Heather Ellen
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